Sean was born and raised in Ireland and immigrated to New York City during the 1960's. He was employed by the New York City Board of Education for 30 years and retired in 2000. Sean's fondest memories of his childhood are of spending time with his father in his woodshop. So it was only natural that, upon Sean's retirement, he turned his garage into his very own woodshop. His love for building and fixing anything imaginable was only rivaled by his love for golf.

It was Sean's love for golf that eventually brought him to The Villages retirement community in Florida. During his early morning games, Sean became more and more aware of the inconvenience and potential dangers of the blinding glare of the sun, and began inquiring about installing visors to his golf cart. After an exhaustive search, Sean came to realize that this particular item was simply not available. So he put his ingenuity to the test and made the visors himself. Sean quickly became the envy of many fellow golfers, all of whom now wanted their own carts to better protect them from the Florida sun. The interest became so high that Sean created a formal design and patented his creation. Golf Cart Visors, LLC was officially born! Although safety and convenience inspired him, Sean will also admit that finding his ball on the course without the menacing glare of the sun is a lot easier too.